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About Us

Here's How This Started

Growing up, I would often hear parents say that they needed a vacation from their vacation.  A few years ago, my husband and I learned that the hard way!!

We were naive first-time parents who were beyond excited about our first family vacation. However, that excitement soon turned into frustration and anxiety when we had to choose which essentials we were going to pack and which we would leave behind....


Judging from the above photo, you can tell that I had about 10,000 bags for that flight.


I was stressed out and exhausted and we hadn't even gone through security yet - with a car seat, a stroller that had to collapse, a baby bag with breastmilk in it, two carry-ons, a large handbag with all the "just in case" stuff and a baby that had to be carried.

As we pre-boarded the plane with all the other heavy-laden parents, I noticed that most were visitors to my beautiful island. I knew there had to be an easier way to vacation in Nassau with small children and I decided I would do something about it!!

As a mom of two littles, I know the struggle of traveling with them and it's my mission to help fellow parents take a load off so they can reset and recharge when they visit this paradise I call home.

It'll be my pleasure to help ease some of your vacation stress!

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